How does a flight go? On this page we want to show you what the sequence is of a flight with a hot air balloon.

We all come together on the Take Off location. The location is completely in agreement with the landowner.

Carefully unloading of the equipment.

It´s quite heavy but we watch our back! ;-)

We unload the Envelop (that´s how the balloon itself is calles) and placed at about lon (wordt enveloppe m ftom the basket.


The envelop is pulled towards the basket 

Installation of the burner.

Don´t be afraid! A burner test. It makes some noise.

There are 2 types of burners. Standard and Whisper burner. The last one we use if we do not want to scare of cattle. This burner is more silent.

The marrige. The Envlop is connected to the burnerframe on the basket. They are now connected. The basket is hanging on the steelcables of the Envelop.

We use a big Fan to fill the Envelop with air. All cabling and vents are checked.

A checklist is used to avoid missing something.

Photo: Sas Schilten

By using the burners the inside air is heated. The air expands. The inside air gets thinner then the surrounding air. The balloon wants to go up. It can be hot under the burners. Long cotton sleeves, leather gloves, and glasses are mandatory while inflating. The blue line in the picture is our Quick release. "Our Anchor" with this we are connected to the car. So ready.

And hoppa, off we go. Magical!!!!!