To go or not to go?

Often we get the question: Are we going or not? At the end the pilot decides and answers this question. Sometimes It´s possible the decision is made on the field. But that´s only if the weather conditions are difficult to predict. Here is a table with wind speeds. A bit of a funny list but it can tell you or gives you a prediction if a flight can continue. Wind above 5 (Beaufort) is a no go. You will be informed. The table is about average wind speeds. Gusting winds is a whole different story. We will inform you!

Beaufort KNMI kt (knots) km/hr Experience and exitement. Amount.
0 No wind 0 - 1 0 - 1 Tja, ok, up and down. You will stay at same location. Also fun! Rare.
1 weak 1 - 3 1 - 5 Ideal wind for all passengers also good for passengers who are not fysical 100% or that are less strong. Easy "standup" landings. Mostly done.
2 weak 4 - 6 6 - 11 Good wind for an aesy and relaxed flight. We travel a nice distance. Easy "standup" landings. Mostly done.
3 few 7 - 10 12 - 19 It´s getting a bit more sportif. Good for passengers that like to have it more sportif. Somtimes a "standup" landing! Regerly done.
4 few 11 - 16 20 - 28 The real challenge! Very sportif and everybody needs to be alert. Landings are most of the time dragged landings. Seldom. Competitions.
5 powerfull 17 - 21 29 - 38 From here no more flights. To dangerous.